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The Alpaca Country Trail is made of five local alpaca farms:

Genna-ration FarmsGenna-rations Farm
1536 W Kendall Rd.
Kendall, NY 14476
(585) 659-9165
Northwoods AlpacasNorthwoods Alpacas
6499 North Lake Rd.
Bergen, NY 14415
(585) 494-1371
SanGer-La AlpacasSanGer-La Alpacas
2845 Colby St.
Brockport, NY 14420
(585) 395-9305
StoneyMeadows_LogoStoney Meadows Alpacas
16038 Glidden Rd.
Holley, NY 14470
(585) 750-9332
WMFAWindy Meadows Farm and Fiber Factory
408 Drake Rd.
Hamlin, NY 14464
(585) 709-5099

Visit Our Sponsoring Farms

The five farms that make up the Alpaca Country Trail invite you to visit during National Alpaca Farm Day. Visit all five throughout the weekend to enter our basket raffle worth over $250 in alpaca products (may include a hat, a pair of gloves or socks, or something handmade from one of the resident fiber artists on the trail). Who knows what you will find in this year's basket? Here are the five farms in alphabetical order...